Hitotsuyama Racing

Hitotsuyama GmbH



It all began with our vision: To develop a car care brand for precious and special automobiles which would convey the spirit of automotive culture and its pioneering days.

What started with a unique wax formulation quickly grew into a comprehensive product range for a car’s body. A marriage of heritage and cutting edge innovation designed to deliver bespoke car care for your automotive dream – whatever the age. All the while, we never forgot our true inspiration:

The Gentlemen Drivers - car enthusiasts with a sense for the elegant and a passion for roaring engines alike. The term “gentleman driver” became rather uncommon in present days, although it is based on time-honoured tradition. Until the mid-20th century it referred to car owners who maintained their cars themselves and amateur drivers who entered racing competitions with their own vehicle – unlike professional drivers, hired by car manufacturers. Although the definition “gentlemen driver” was already used as early as the 19th century, referring to coachmen and motorcyclists, it quickly spread with the serial production of small cars in the 1920’s.

The gentlemen drivers were those who made the car fashionable and desirable for everyone.